Photosynthesis under a Red Dwarf

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Photosynthesis under a Red Dwarf

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An experiment has given evidence that light from a Red Dwarf star can in fact be used for photosynthesis similar to plants on Earth. The study by Riccardo Claudi at the Astronomical Observatory of Padova in Italy has recreated the spectrum of light that such a star would produce and exposed plant like bacteria to it. The result was even in the dim far- ed light some bacteria can survive. Including Chlorogloeopsis thermalis an extremophile that was able to photosynthesize the far red light itself. And Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 another bacteria was able to absorb enough of the more moderate wavelength light from the simulated Red Dwarf to survive.

For years many scientists doubted such light could support photosynthesis on exoplanets, this experiment gives strong evidence photosynthesis is indeed possible on planets orbiting Red Dwarfs.

Source: ... dsctwitter