Russia leaving ISS launching ROSS station

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Russia leaving ISS launching ROSS station

Unread post by Dr.DanielJackson »

Russia is considering leaving ISS around 2025 and building a new space station named ROSS with the help of the Chinese space program. Roscosmos is still set to add the Nauka science module to ISS. NASA stated they would have the ability to maintain ISS themselves if need be with creed flights from SpaceX's Crew Dragon and Boeing's Starliner. And cargo from multiple space craft. ... after-2024

Russian space station concept ROSS

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Re: Russia leaving ISS launching ROSS station

Unread post by robberto88 »

"The Russian space corporation, Roscosmos, released photos on Monday showing the much-anticipated Nauka space station module enclosed in its payload fairing. This will be Russia's first significant addition to the International Space Station in more than a decade, and it will provide the Russians with their first module dedicated primarily to research. "Nauka" means science in Russian." ... ke-flight/
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